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Watering New Grass Seed to Create the Perfect Lawn

You’ve taken the time, money and effort to seed your lawn with new grass. Now what? A proper watering schedule can easily turn your...

How to Care for Troubled Lawn Spots

Make those troubled lawn spots no trouble at all by learning how to water them back to health. For bare patches, fertilize and re-seed.

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How to Conserve Water

Using less water is always a good thing and cutting back is even easier than you think. Watering correctly helps your lawn, the environment and you.

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Beautify Your Garden with These Flower Watering Tips

We all grow up knowing plants need soil, sunlight and water, but we often don’t realize the importance of consistently watering flowers. A lack of moisture can cause a flower garden to...

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How to Choose a Hose

Do you really know what you’re looking for in a hose? Let go of the “one-hose-fits-all” mentality and find one that’s best for you.

How to Use an Adjustable Length Rectangular Sprinkler

Rectangular sprinklers provide gentle watering and are great for new grass and rectangular-shaped lawns.

How to Set Up an Electronic Water Timer

Timing is everything when you want to water the right amount.  Use an electronic water timer to customize when to water and for how...

How Much and When to Water Your Lawn

Keep your lawn vibrant and healthy by knowing how to water right. A well-watered lawn can give your outdoor space that green lushness you...

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How to Set Up an Adjustable Circular Sprinkler

Circular sprinklers are just what you need when you want to water large round-shaped lawns and they’re easy to customize.

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How to Set a Pattern Master Circular Sprinkler

We know that not every yard is a perfect shape. That’s why the Adjustable Pattern Master Circular Sprinkler gives you the flexibility you need to water your unique lawn.

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How to Set a Pattern Master Rectangular Sprinkler

From your entire backyard to the narrow strip of lawn alongside your house, the Adjustable Width and Length Pattern Master Rectangular Sprinkler lets you...

How to Use Quick Connectors

If you’re swapping between multiple watering tools to keep your outdoors thriving, why twist when you can snap? A Quick Connector provides a fast...

Watering Nozzle 101

When it comes to watering trees, flowers, vegetables and shrubs, each one needs something a little different. With eight different settings, the Gilmour watering...

Cleaning Nozzle 101

A Gilmour cleaning nozzle is built specifically for your toughest outdoor jobs. The powerful, versatile nozzle is perfect for tackling any cleaning task.

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How to Set Up a Soaker Hose

For targeted, deep root watering that doesn’t waste a drop, a soaker hose does the job. Its flexibility allows you to place the hose exactly where you want to water.

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How to Repair a Garden Hose – Video Guide

The dreaded hose leak has arrived, but don’t rush off to replace that damaged hose just yet – with the right tools, you can easily pull off a garden hose repair and...

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How to Store a Hose

When winter weather approaches, it’s time for your hose to hibernate. Keeping your hose out of the cold protects it from damage and helps...

How to Use Hose Connectors

Different tasks need different tools to get the job done. And a Quick Connector with auto shut-off allows you to easily switch between tools,...

Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer

You can bring a Betterday along for the ride with an at-home car wash that’s as good as any professional cleaning. All you need...

How to Water Newly Planted Greens

Planting trees, shrubs and flowers is a great way to bring new life to your yard. New plants require extra care so it’s important...

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How to Use a Tripod Sprinkler

If you have a large or heavily planted yard, watering it can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to drag your sprinkler from spot to spot. With a Circular Tripod Sprinkler,...

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The Flexogen Difference

Whether keeping the grass and garden green or outdoors clean, your hose is the most important tool in the shed. A tool that is trusted should be your most durable, strong enough...

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The Ultimate Guide to Transplanting in Your Garden

Transplanting in your garden is another way of getting something planted or moved to the right place. There are two ways to transplant; buy...

Starting Seeds

Starting your plants from seed is much less expensive than purchasing starter plants from the garden center, which makes it an ideal option for...

How to Transplant

Transplanting is a way of getting something planted or moved to the right place in your garden. But moving plants from place to place...

How to Water During a Dry Spell

Living in an area that is undergoing a dry spell doesn’t mean you have to give up on gardening. There’s a lot you can...

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Watering Tips for Tastier Veggies

When you grow your own food, it’s so much tastier and healthier than what you buy at the grocery store because commercially grown produce is picked before its prime. One of the...

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