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Interactive U.S. Planting Zone Map for 2024

   What You’ll Learn: What Are Planting Zones? What Planting Zone Am I In? What is Plant Hardiness? Breakdown of Plant Hardiness Zones

A Simple Guide to Organic Gardening

It seems anything and everything organic is all the rage these days. From produce to perfumes, just about everybody wants to jump on the


A Guide to the Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets of flowers can be a finishing, gorgeous touch to any porch or other outdoor space. But don’t limit their charm to just hanging outdoors. Adding hanging flower plants around the

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Lawn & Yard Care

Fall Curb Appeal & Landscape Ideas

Whether selling a home or not, curb appeal is always important. Not only does it spruce up the look and feel of a home to others, it also creates an instant vibe

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A Guide to Different Types of Squash

While most of us are familiar with the basic different kinds of squash like pumpkins and zucchini, many people don’t realize how many varieties

The Top Garden Trends for 2020

Like most things in life, even garden trends come and go. From popular plants and flowers, to shrubs, bushes and trees, new gardening ideas

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