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Fall Curb Appeal & Landscape Ideas

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By Gilmour

Whether selling a home or not, curb appeal is always important. Not only does it spruce up the look and feel of a home to others, it also creates an instant vibe that makes for a welcoming, exciting place to come home to every day.

The best news is, it doesn’t take much work to improve curb appeal, especially during the fall season, when the leaves start changing colors and falling, and the pumpkins and fall decor starts to come out. Many fall landscaping ideas are easy and fun to implement, so you can create an inviting, charming outside appeal that comes together in no time and has instant effect. Read on for the Gilmour guide to boosting fall curb appeal.

The Best Ways to Boost Fall Curb Appeal

Even if you are on a budget, quick clean ups, some simple landscaping and festive decor can go a long way toward improving the first impression a home and yard makes. What’s better? None of the fall curb appeal ideas here will take an exorbitant amount of time (or money!) to get going. In just a weekend or two, a fresh, cozy fall feel can be what passersby see when they happen upon your home.

Fall Landscaping

Fall landscaping ideas are easy to come by and execute. Fall is the perfect time to start winding down weekly lawn maintenance chores and pruning, deadheading and watering. But it’s important to still keep up with these tasks on a smaller scale, even if the grass is growing a bit more slowly and starting to head into that familiar winter dormancy. Fun fact: did you know that paying attention to landscaping and keeping up with maintaining a well-manicured lawn can increase your home’s value by a whopping 15 percent? It literally pays to take care of your yard.

Entryway Decor

Fall is the time of the year you’ll break out the first of the seasonal bins and embark on the several-month stretch of festive, creative decor. Use a fun fall-themed doormat and stack the porch with pumpkins, bales of hay, corn stalks and any other decor that fits the fall themed bill. It is also a great time to check in on and either clean, paint or replace any fixtures that look worn or faded. Look at lighting fixtures on and around the house, coach lights, mailboxes, flag poles and anything else that may be feeling the effects of weather and time. A quick shot of primer and spray paint, a new fixture or two and some decorative touches on the porch can go a long way in terms of curb appeal for fall.

Exterior Maintenance

Just because the weather is changing and cooling off doesn’t mean all the outside work on the house is done for the year. Take advantage of those cooler mornings, late afternoons and evenings, all of which are all great times to get outdoors and work on and around the house. Now is the time to clean gutters, repair chipped paint or broken siding and check the roof and shingles for any damage. Check all the lighting and replace any bulbs that are out. Sweep walkways and power wash porches, paths and sidewalks to get a crisp, clean look to your outside surroundings.

Creative Lighting

Lighting is one of the most fun ways to accentuate the porch and landscaping all the way around a house. From garden light fixtures to walkway path lights, lighting can really make a home stand out. The key to successfully using lighting is not to overdo it. The goal should always be soft, subtle hues that highlight a home’s outside attributes without overpowering them. You do not want spotlight-powered lighting. Angle lights to shine softly up trees or shrubs and incorporate natural light that will be up through the dusk hour. These are all easy ways to use lighting to improve your home’s curb appeal. And of course, don’t forget festive decorative lighting if you are really in the spirit.

Are you over the bristling summer heat and ready for crisp fall days? Use this guide for inspiration and then get outside and start upping your curb appeal for fall game. It’s a fun and easy way to celebrate the changing of the seasons, starting with the outside. Looking for gardening tools to help you transition your yard and get it ready for the autumn season? Check out Gilmour’s gardening products for everything you need to celebrate this fall.

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