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The Top Garden Trends for 2020


By Gilmour

Like most things in life, even garden trends come and go. From popular plants and flowers, to shrubs, bushes and trees, new gardening ideas and the right plantings can transform an outdoor space into something that wows. Learn more about how to choose the best look for your yard to give it a chic, up-to-date, modern appeal that is both eye-catching and on point with recent trends.

Secluded Spaces

The ultimate goal in planning any outdoor environment is finding the right combination of lush growth and comfortable, inviting spaces that yard-guests want to be in. Private corners of a yard can be easy to transform into sweet, secluded spots that are ideal for reading, quiet conversations, meditation or even dining al fresco.

It is simple to create a space that’s both secluded yet inviting. It is best to keep seating comfortable, cozy and small. Establishing a boundary is easy using a vine covered trellis, arbor or even tall-growing hedges. You can always build an actual structure too, if the budget is big enough. Adding a water feature or an outdoor firepit can put the final touches on any outdoor secluded sanctuary.

Seasonal Blooming Plants

One of the latest garden trends is a shift in how we plan gardens. Where gardens used to be more driven by the taste of the homeowner who was planting, now it is more the norm to take a hint from nature. Making a conscious effort to put native plants into the ground and to source starts from local resources has transformed how we plan our outdoor spaces. Choosing appropriate perennials that will produce beautiful blooms year after year can maximize efforts, paying off tenfold as the work that goes into planting one year will let gardeners reap benefits year after year.

Organic Gardening

Organic gardening has become both a trend and a movement as society continues to become increasingly conscious of the benefits behind a reduce-reuse-recycle mentality. And simply put, organic gardening has clear and tangible benefits. But even beyond the conventional wisdom that is sometimes associated with “going organic,” there are also many environmental benefits that result from implementing organic practices too. Organic gardens can be beneficial to all aspects of life, from soil health to a consideration for the wellbeing of companion plants, animals, worms and more. Organic gardening is a trend that isn’t likely to go anywhere any time soon.

Symmetrical Plant Placement

Even if you are not an overly symmetrical type in general, symmetry in the garden can provide a cohesiveness and finished look that makes it seem like a professional planned the space. Twinning plants on either side of a door or garden gate, hanging baskets with a bounty of matching spilling blooms or window boxes that set up and frame a house on either side can all add cohesiveness, charm and decorative appeal.

Exotic Plants

Plant an outdoor escape that’s reminiscent of vacation with gorgeous exotic plants like orchids, lilies and other tropical varieties. No need to worry too much about climate, either. There are several cold-hardy tropical plants that will thrive in areas you may not initially expect. Even in colder zones, plant ferns, bamboo, hibiscus, birds of paradise and more to brighten up the yard and create a somewhat-surprising focal point and space that reminds you of sandy beaches and warm summer getaways. Checking out what thrives in a specific planting zone will ensure you plant varieties that will produce and enhance that staycation vibe you’re going after.

Architectural Trees

From whimsical weeping trees to topiaries that spiral and swirl, trees and plants that have an architectural feel and appeal are more popular than ever. Be sure to buy based on informed decisions, not an affinity for the look, shape or feel of a tree. Read the tree tag to make sure it will do well in the conditions (sun, light, soil) it will be planted and grow in. Shape trees carefully the first several years, but by about the fifth season, pruning should be more of a routine maintenance chore rather than further attempts to shape in a specific growth pattern.

Wildlife Sensitive Environments

When planning, don’t leave out the little friends who love our gardens as much as we do! Everything from toads and ladybugs to hedgehogs, butterflies and bees are easy to attract with the right plants and care. The National Wildlife Federation even encourages home gardeners to consider becoming a Certified Wildlife Habitat, making a commitment to creating a haven for the local wildlife in your area.

There are some quick and easy ways to build a garden that promotes and welcomes wildlife. Adding a birdbath or planting native fruit-bearing trees are just a couple ways to encourage critters and outdoor neighbors to enjoy your space. As are building an arbor, planting oak trees and using native hedges and growing vines. All of these are ways to make a statement while creating a more welcoming and worldly feel to a garden that’s for more than just human friends and families.

High Quality Outdoor Furniture

Saving on outdoor furniture now will only cost you more in the long run. If there is one place to splurge in the garden, it is in the seating, tables and other furniture that will be placed in and around an outdoor space. Cheap furniture will not hold up against the normal wear and tear of use, and it certainly won’t be able to survive even non-harsh seasonal climates. Cheaper fabrics will fade and tear within just a year or two of sun beating down, and poorly-made seating and tables will become rickety and unstable just as quickly. Adding beautiful, high-quality outdoor furniture is well-worth the additional cost as it will add both an aesthetic, as well as a visually appealing, component to your garden.

Even though these 2020 gardening trends are intended for the modern garden today, they really are time-tested and true ways to transform any outdoor space into a lush, gorgeous garden space you can enjoy year after year. And if the trends drastically change? It’s the perfect excuse to get back out there and spruce it up again with the next latest new ideas in gardening!

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