Nozzles with Swivel Connect

From the moment you pick it up, you’ll notice these nozzles are different. Designed with mobility in mind, they feature Gilmour’s innovative Swivel Connect.

Winter Gardening Tips to Tackle in the Off Season

As winter marches on, avid gardeners become more and more eager to get growing. While you may not be able to dig your spade


Design a Beautiful Drought Resistant Yard

Hot weather and drought-like conditions don’t mean a beautiful yard and garden is out of reach. Learn everything you need to know about drought tolerant landscaping, including the best type of plants,

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens are no longer just a thing for farmers and big backyards – these days, even an urbanite can grow food on a balcony or roof. In many locales, a front

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Ultimate Guide to Container Gardening

Learn all there is to know about container gardens, from growing vegetables in containers to how to care for a container garden. What is

5 Garden Tools You’re Not Using (But Should)

Remember the saying “Work smarter, not harder”? Thing is, it still rings true—especially when it comes to gardening. There are many good reasons why

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Garden

Spring is finally here, and we’re all eager to get out there and plant. But there are some things you should absolutely not do

Build Your Garden Command Center

This spring, you’ll zip through your outdoor chores when you can find your watering and gardening tools quickly and easily. Take advantage of this


Get Growing Before Spring Arrives

If you’re eager to get growing before the weather warms up, starting your garden from seed is an easy, inexpensive way to get ahead of the game. Starting plants from seed isn’t

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Water-Saving Tips & Tricks

Saving water in the garden doesn’t necessarily have to involve swapping your lawn for succulents, setting up a graywater irrigation system or running around the yard and reusing your kitchen sink run-off.

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Top 3 Spray Patterns to Make Your Garden Flourish

When I moved into my most recent house I had to leave my gardening equipment behind for a few months. All there was in

Mulching 101: The Ultimate Guide to Mulching

Mulching. There are few gardening tasks that will make such a large impact on your yard. In one fell swoop, you can suppress weeds,

Common Garden and Lawn Pests

Garden pests can be more than just a nuisance for the home gardener. When not dealt with properly and swiftly, bugs in the garden

Keep It Growing: What to Plant Now for Fall

For most people, summer is the peak season for a vegetable garden as all the fruits of your labor become realized—literally! But you can


Vibrant Gardens Using Drought Tolerant Vegetables

Love vegetable gardening, but live in drought-like conditions? These drought-tolerant vegetables will thrive even in the hottest temperatures. Get started today! With summer looming, the heat and drought ahead may mean you’re

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How to Water Plants While on Vacation: Tips to Keeping Them Alive

Vacation is a time to get away and be carefree, a time to leave all the stress and chaos of life behind, escaping to a place of relaxation and peace. Don’t let

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Interplanting Your Vegetable Garden with Flowers

Aside from aesthetics, flowers have several important—and sometimes overlooked—roles in a vegetable garden. They function as trap crops, attract beneficial insects, repel garden pests

Watering Well: The Right Tools for Any Task

Want to save time, money and hassle? Set yourself up to water with ease with the right tools and equipment. Faced with the array

Create an Indoor Herb Garden for Good Health

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of your favorite herbs in the garden. Fresh herbs add an impressive culinary finish

Top Fall Gardening To-dos

Fall isn’t really the end of the gardening season—it is the beginning of a rich, colorful and very beautiful time in the garden. The


Our 5 Favorite Gardening Trends of 2016

It wasn’t too long ago that vertical gardens, container gardens and edible gardens were fresh and exciting trends making their rounds at flower shows and on blogs. Now it seems they are

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Weed-free Gardening: Learn How to Prevent Weeds from Growing Before They Start!

When’s the best time to pull a weed? Yesterday. When’s the second best time? Now. It’s an old joke, but there’s actually a lot of truth to it – the earlier you

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Manage Pests Naturally With Companion Planting

Pests are a natural part of any garden, no matter how well you stay on top of pruning and fertilizing. Even watering habits can

Fall’s Bonus Harvest

Any true lover of vegetables knows Brussels sprouts are sweeter after they’ve been through a frost. In fact, there are lots of vegetables to

Spring Into Action: What to Plant First

Spring officially begins on March 20, but if you’re just getting around to dusting off the trowel and starting your seeds on that day,

What’s Trending in the Gardening World in 2017

Once the soil starts to thaw and new seedlings emerge, we’re predicting a strong and steady move toward planting vegetables instead of lawns, cultivating


Gardening Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed

At the start of each gardening season, we tend to lean on the same familiar tools we’ve always relied on. That trusty hose, all-purpose sprinkler and watering nozzle are the essentials for

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Tips To Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring Planting

The snow has melted, the cold temps have risen a few degrees and gardeners all over are itching to get down to the dirt and start planting. But even if the ground

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Use Dog-safe Plants & Flowers to Create a Lush Landscape for Your Dog-friendly Garden

We’ve all heard those stories about dogs destroying flower beds, digging huge holes in the lawn or eating potentially harmful foliage. But your dog

Gardening on the Fringe

If you’re lucky enough to live in a mild climate, there’s no need to hibernate through the winter. In areas on the northern fringes

Hidden Garden Problems

Even if you follow expert gardening advice to a T and do your homework before planting, growing flowers and plants is not a perfect

Winter Gardening To-dos

Winter is a time to slow down, catch up on your garden-related reading and enjoy the view from your armchair by the fire. It’s


3 Types of Gardens to Make Your Yard Stand Out

When it comes to planning and executing a garden, the limitless array of options can be overwhelming. From water-wise landscapes to edible planting beds, there’s a lot to consider: designs that fit

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Marry Your Flowers and Veggies: Companion Planting Guide to Your Garden

Gardeners know that a diverse mix of plants, from annuals and perennials to flowers and vegetables, makes for a healthier garden. But did you know that the right (or wrong) combination of

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Start Seeds Like an Expert: Ultimate Seed Starting and Germination Guide

Planting seeds directly in the ground is a rewarding way to get a jump start on the garden this year. Don’t be overwhelmed by

The Ultimate Guide to Transplanting in Your Garden

Transplanting in your garden is another way of getting something planted or moved to the right place. There are two ways to transplant; buy

Tomato Plant Problems from Diseases to Pests & How to Fix Them

Given the right conditions, tomatoes will practically grow themselves. The basic formula is heat, full sun, nutrient rich soil that’s free draining, consistent water,

Vegetable Garden Tips & Tricks for High Yield Gardens

Nothing compares to home-grown vegetables. When you grow your own food, the flavor and texture far surpass anything you can buy at the store.


Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Lawn that Lasts Year-Round

If you are looking for lawn care tips to ensure you have a beautiful, lush, green lawn all season long, Gilmour’s lawn maintenance guide is all you need to read. Learn everything

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Find the Right Hose for You

A good hose is an important – and hard-working – garden tool, but choosing the best one can be confusing. Your local home improvement store’s gardening section or favorite nursery will have

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5 Tips for Seed Starting in the Summer for Fall Crops

When gardeners think of seed starting, spring usually takes the cake. After all, that’s when we’re most eager, most energized, and finally ready to

7 Heat-Tolerant Plants that Love the Sun

Even in the peak of summer, there’s no reason your garden can’t be as colorful, vibrant, and lush as your springtime landscape. In fact,

Heat Stress in Plants: How to Care for and Protect Plants from Sun Damage

What Causes Heat Stress in Plants When temperatures start creeping above 85 degrees, you’re not the only one who’s stressed. Most plants suffer when

Weed Identification – Common Types of Garden and Lawn Weeds

Weeds are both discouraging and disappointing when they pop up unannounced and uninvited in well-cared-for yards. Learn how to identify the main types of


The Ultimate Guide to Dividing Perennials

Dividing perennials, such as hostas, daylilies and peonies, is a great way to make the most of plants already in your garden. Plants that have multiplied into big clumps can take over

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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Potted Plants Outdoors

You don’t need a huge yard or a grand garden to enjoy the beauty of flowers, plants and greenery. Potted plants can offer joy and the reward of gardening, even if you

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Popular Vegetables to Grow in Summer

Nothing says “summer” quite like a flourishing garden full of blossoming plants ready for harvest. Learn more about which plants do best in the

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Shrubs

When designing your outdoor space, consider adding shrubs. They make great additions around the foundations of a house or as privacy walls. Shrubs provide

10 Best Summer Blooming Flowers

What would summer be without flowers? The warm months of summer are when many of the varieties we know and love bloom, making every

Essential Guide to Growing Amazing Herbs

Growing herbs can be fun, easy and low maintenance. You don’t need a lot of time or knowhow to have a successful and rewarding


Facebook Live: Sun and Shade

Some herbs love the sun, but others demand shade. Emily from @PassthePistil shares where to plant which herbs for the best (and tastiest!) results during our recent Facebook Live.

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Gardening Gear

At the start of each gardening season we all tend to use the same familiar watering tools we’ve always relied on. I know I’ve done that. But have you ever asked yourself

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Discover Easy-to-grow Kids Plants

Gardening is a fun and easy way to get kids outside. Instill a love for the wonder of nature, even at a very young

Fall Vegetables – Which Veggies Grow Best in Fall?

As the season starts to dwindle, the last thing on your mind is probably planting fall crops during the dog days of summer. But

Fall Flowers to Plant

Summer often takes the cake for having the showiest, boldest, and brightest blooms, but fall’s no slouch either. After laying low all season, these

Learn How to Till Your Garden

When creating a space for a new flower bed or veggie garden, it’s important to first prepare the soil. This is especially true if


The Ultimate Winter Vegetables List for your Garden

With cooler temperatures upon us, it’s time to consider which garden vegetables to grow and how best to protect them. Fortunately, there are easy solutions for protecting winter crops. When choosing your

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A Guide to Growing and Caring for Succulents

What are Succulents? Succulents are plants with fleshy, thickened leaves and/or swollen stems that store water. The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice or sap. Succulents are able

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Cold Hardy Vegetables for Cool Season Growing

As soon as the autumnal equinox arrives and the days start to shorten, many gardeners hang up their trowels and call the season good

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Sunflowers

Nothing says summer like bright rows of brilliant Helianthus flowers, commonly known of as sunflowers. Easy to grow, this North American native is a

Growing Lush, Green, Crisp Lettuce

You might not be surprised to find out that the most widely planted salad vegetable in the United States is lettuce. As the foundation

Growing and Caring for Beautiful Hydrangea Flowers

If you’re looking for a garden flower with show appeal, hydrangea flowers are truly stunning. Large globes of flowers cover this shrub in summer


Geranium Care: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Geranium Flowers

The geranium is an iconic, fragrant garden flower. American growers first fell in love with the geranium flower over 200 years ago, and it’s not hard to see why. Geraniums fill hanging

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Chrysanthemums: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Beautiful Mums

It seems as soon as the air cools, signaling the coming of fall, garden centers begin showcasing full mounds of brilliant red, yellow, and violet flowers. Chrysanthemums, or mums, are a staple

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Artichoke Plant: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Artichokes

With long, silvery leaves and strikingly attractive blooms, the artichoke is a unique addition to your vegetable garden. Growing artichokes isn’t difficult, and with

What Flower Am I Quiz

What Type of Flower Am I? Learn what kind of flower matches your personality with this interactive quiz! We’ve created profiles for 8 different

Basil: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Fresh Basil

Basil is a fragrant, versatile, wildly popular herb. It’s a warm-weather plant that is easy to grow and delicious to eat. A nice addition

Honeysuckles: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Sweetly-Scented Honeysuckles

Honeysuckle is known for its delicate tubular, nectar-filled, sweetly scented flowers. They are great for covering walls and the sides of building. While their


Sage: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Sage

Culinary superstar sage is a pretty, low shrub with pale, velvet-soft greyish green leaves. A member of the mint family, sage is easy to grow and does well in containers, the ground

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Growing and Caring for Fragrant Jasmine Flowers

Delicate and dainty with small flowers, jasmine is known around the world for its unique tropical smell and pretty blossoms that attract bees. The jasmine flower is usually white, although some species

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Marigolds: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Vibrant Marigolds

Bright and hardy marigolds are a no-fuss, low maintenance annual. Their cheery blooms thrive in the sun, making these summer-through-fall-time beauties a popular choice.

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Beautiful Roses

Many novice gardeners are intimidated by the beautiful rose plant and think they are harder to grow than they really are. But the truth

Complete List of Spring Flowers, Bulbs and Perennials

Spring is the gardeners’ golden season. The ground is thawing, the trees have buds and the bulbs are yearning to bloom. Learn which plants

Planting Calendar for Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs, and Fruit

How it works 1 Find your zone Enter your zip code below to find your planting zone 2 Choose your plants Browse through over


Ultimate Guide to Building a Beautiful Flower Bed and Garden

Building a beautiful flower bed is well worth the time and effort it takes to get it going. And when you know how to do it, it’s really not that hard at

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Tips and Ideas for Gardening with Kids

Gardening with kids can be both fun and rewarding. Pretty much from the time they can walk, kids can help out in the garden. They can dig, plant, water and share in

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Perennials That Bloom All Summer: Full Sun, Partial Shade and Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Planting perennial flowers that bloom all summer means enjoying gorgeous long-lasting blooms not only this year, but in years to come. There is still

The Top Garden Trends for 2020

Like most things in life, even garden trends come and go. From popular plants and flowers, to shrubs, bushes and trees, new gardening ideas

A Guide to Different Types of Squash

While most of us are familiar with the basic different kinds of squash like pumpkins and zucchini, many people don’t realize how many varieties

A Guide to the Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets of flowers can be a finishing, gorgeous touch to any porch or other outdoor space. But don’t limit their charm to just


A Simple Guide to Organic Gardening

It seems anything and everything organic is all the rage these days. From produce to perfumes, just about everybody wants to jump on the au-naturel train. Luckily our beginner’s guide shows you

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Interactive U.S. Planting Zone Map for 2024

   What You’ll Learn: What Are Planting Zones? What Planting Zone Am I In? What is Plant Hardiness? Breakdown of Plant Hardiness Zones What Are Planting Zones? Planting zones are areas

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