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Build Your Garden Command Center


By Jane Milliman

This spring, you’ll zip through your outdoor chores when you can find your watering and gardening tools quickly and easily. Take advantage of this last bit of downtime before warmer weather arrives and get your gear organized with these quick and easy garden tool storage ideas.

Pegged Garden Station

A simple pegboard can stand as the backbone to your garden tool wall storage system. With the addition of easy-to-affix garden tool hangers, this solution keeps your gardening tools off the garage floor and easily visible. That way, you can find exactly what you need, right when you need it.

You can pick up pegboard at any home improvement or hardware store. There are three different options for the size of the holes: 1/8”, 3/16” or ¼”. Be sure to take the time to look at the type of tool hangers you plan to use so you get the correct size pegboard. Pro tip: in a pinch, you can always widen smaller holes with a ¼” drill bit if necessary.

You can find modular holders for almost any tool you have in your garage. Hose hangers should be mounted separately on studs, as hoses tend to be much heavier than simple hand gardening tools. Magnetic strips are perfect for holding your metal tools. Commonly sold as “knife racks” at kitchen supply stores, these strips can even hold your lighter weight shovels.

Garden Tool Rack Pallet

A beautiful (not to mention visually appealing and creative) tool storage solution can be achieved by creating a garden tool rack out of a wooden pallet. Simply hang your pallet – for an even cuter look, paint or stain it first – and outfit with hooks, shovel hangers and hose hangers from your local hardware store. Be sure your hose hangers are fully supported and stable, as hoses will likely be the heaviest thing you hang.

Many garden centers sell container hangers designed to fit over a porch railing. Conveniently, they also fit perfectly over the slats on a pallet! Use them to hold pots of flowers, seeds, gardening gloves, twine and other small items. You can even attach baskets or hang a bucket to hold all your smaller garden tools and must-haves.

Smart Seed Storage

Got an old mini fridge laying around? They’re not only great for keeping that lemonade ice cold to quench your thirst after mowing on a hot day – a small refrigerator is the perfect place to store seeds and pre-cool bulbs.

Even if you don’t have an extra fridge handy, you can still keep your seed collection fresh by holding on tight to it – airtight that is. Packing seeds tightly in sealable storage bags and placing them in a galvanized ash bucket with a secure lid ensures that rodents and insects won’t be dining on your precious garden seeds before it’s time to plant them. Store in a cool, dry place for the best results.

Hose Storage

Garden hoses can easily become a tangled, frustrating mess. And what always happens once you finally manage to get that hose untangled? Usually, it means you can’t find your favorite Gilmour Front Control Watering Nozzle. But don’t fret–we’ve got the perfect (and easy) solution to tangles and lost nozzles: a designated hose storage area.

Garden centers and hardware stores offer many hose storage solutions. Everything from permanent racks that mount to the wall to bins with wheels, you’re sure to find one that perfectly meets your needs.

Looking for a creative, outside-the-box alternative to your hose storage? Why not use a galvanized bucket? To create this DIY garden tool storage, hold the bottom of the bucket to your wall and attach it to studs with heavy duty screws. Wrap our favorite Flexogen Super Duty Hose (or any hose you need to hang) around the bucket and tuck all your attachments and sprinklers inside. Done!

Create a Carry-all

You don’t need to lug around a million tools for gardening success. Great yard tool storage ideas can come in the form of something easily-made-mobile and be can be as simple as using a bucket to make a convenient portable garden command center. Place all your favorite basics in the bucket and you’ll be able to buzz around the yard with everything you need within easy reach.

The basics to include:

Long Handled Tool Rack

Looking for an easy and inexpensive garden tool wall storage solution for all those long-handled tools like shovels, rakes and digging forks? If you have the wall space, consider a PVC solution.

Simply attach a short section of PVC at the base of your wall. Attach a matching-in-length piece approximately three feet up the wall from the base section. Now you can quickly and easily slide tools in between the pipe and the wall. This DIY garden tool rack solution will hold long-handled tools with ease. If you have the tools and the space, continue down the wall until you are completely organized.

Creating a garden command center can be fun, easy and relatively inexpensive. Having your tools organized and ready to go – not to mention easy to find – is a great way to kick start your gardening project.

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