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Watering Tips for Tastier Veggies

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When you grow your own food, it’s so much tastier and healthier than what you buy at the grocery store because commercially grown produce is picked before its prime. One of the best ways to bring out the most flavor in your homegrown veggies is by growing them in the proper season and by watering them right.

While mild climates can usually grow a crop like leafy greens year-round, most vegetables grow best and taste best when they are planted in their intended growing season.

Watering is a little known secret to tastier veggies. Watering consistently, especially for plants that grow flowers and produce fruit.

Set up a water timer for reliable and hassle-free watering. You can always delay a watering session, if needed, during rainy weather. Too little water and you may not get flowers and fruit at all, but too much water you could drown the roots and affect the fruit growth and flavor.

For example, if the skins on your tomatoes start to split that means you’re over-watering. Apply just enough water so the first three inches feel damp, but not water-logged, when you stick your finger into the soil. Make it a habit to check your garden daily. It’s easy to overlook a plant one day and find the tomatoes you’re so excited to harvest have suddenly turned over-ripe and mushy.

Grow your own fruit and veggies and enjoy tasty, healthy food right in your own backyard.

Now that’s a Betterday.

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