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Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer

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You can bring a Betterday along for the ride with an at-home car wash that’s as good as any professional cleaning.

All you need is a Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer, the perfect all-around tool for cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting your vehicle.

Its even distribution of foam ensures the most controlled, scratch-free wash possible.

Putting your cleaning sprayer together is a breeze.

Simply pour the cleaning solution into the easy-to-fill mouth of the tank.

Next, connect the tank to the sprayer and the nozzle to the hose. Finish by attaching the sprayer to the nozzle.

To choose how much solution you want to release, adjust the dial setting.

Turn the dial to A to release the lowest concentration of cleaning solution. For the highest concentration, turn the dial to E. Once you’re set, you can start cleaning!

To rinse, simply disconnect the sprayer and tank before you spray.

Taking care of jobs the clean and easy way?

That’s a Betterday.

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