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How to Store a Hose

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When winter weather approaches, it’s time for your hose to hibernate.

Keeping your hose out of the cold protects it from damage and helps it last longer.

Get started by squeezing the nozzle to remove excess water. Then, remove the nozzle from the hose.

Next, disconnect your garden hose from the spigot.

Begin draining the hose by elevating the very end of it. Walk the length of the hose, keeping each section elevated while the water drains.

When you reach the opposite end, keep the mouth of the hose elevated until all the water has drained.

Coil the hose to about three feet in diameter. Do this while the weather is still warm so the hose is easier to bend.

Connect the hose cap to keep bugs from crawling in.

Store your hose on a hose hanger or shelf in a warm location like a shed or basement.

Helping your everyday tools last years to come?

Now that’s a Betterday.

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