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Watering the Right Way in Sun or Shade

If you take a look around your yard, chances are you’ll see many patterns of sun and shade. Between the shadows cast by your...

Watering Well: The Right Tools for Any Task

Want to save time, money and hassle? Set yourself up to water with ease with the right tools and equipment. Faced with the array...

Lawn & Yard Care

How to Grow a Healthy Lawn

Healthy lawns never have serious problems. If you’re taking proper care of your turf, it will tolerate drought, resist pests and weeds and survive extreme weather. Water for Better Lawn Health Good...

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Interplanting Your Vegetable Garden with Flowers

Aside from aesthetics, flowers have several important—and sometimes overlooked—roles in a vegetable garden. They function as trap crops, attract beneficial insects, repel garden pests and provide food for pollinators. They’re also very...

Get the Dirt

Vacation-Proof Gardens

Taking that well-deserved vacation is all about leaving your responsibilities at home, even the ones you enjoy—like tending to your garden. Although you can...

Garden 911: Where Are My Veggies?

Is your garden like a watched pot that never boils? If you’re frustrated with its performance, consider the things that can go wrong and...

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