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Fall’s Bonus Harvest

Any true lover of vegetables knows Brussels sprouts are sweeter after they’ve been through a frost. In fact, there are lots of vegetables to...

Fall Lawn Myths: Busted

As we say goodbye to sun hats and hello to sweaters, it can feel like the rules for fall lawn care change as quickly...


Manage Pests Naturally With Companion Planting

Pests are a natural part of any garden, no matter how well you stay on top of pruning and fertilizing. Even watering habits can lead to more pests. Water too much and...

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Weeds: Stop Them In Their Tracks

When’s the best time to pull a weed? Yesterday. What’s the second best time? Now. This is a tired old joke, but its point is nonetheless valid—the earlier you eradicate a weed,...

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Grass Rx: Fix Summer Lawn Damage

Throughout the summer your lawn plays host to backyard barbecues and birthday parties. Friends and family mingle in the yard while children play on...

Better Together: How to Grow Grass Under Trees

When you imagine your dream yard, lush grass and towering trees are likely part of the picture. Yet you may be surprised to discover...

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