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Does Your Lawn Need Winter Watering?

There’s an easy way to tell whether you need to water your lawn during the winter months. As long as you’re still mowing—and your...

Winter Gardening To-dos

Winter is a time to slow down, catch up on your garden-related reading and enjoy the view from your armchair by the fire. It’s...

Lawn & Yard Care

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to a Grassy Lawn

Americans have a love affair with sprawling green lawns. Though they were originally created by European aristocrats in the 17th century as status symbols and “pleasure grounds” for royalty, lawns have become...

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Hidden Garden Problems

Even if you follow expert gardening advice to a T and do your homework before planting, growing flowers and plants is not a perfect science. There are a number of little-known dangers...

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Gardening on the Fringe

If you’re lucky enough to live in a mild climate, there’s no need to hibernate through the winter. In areas on the northern fringes...

Pet-friendly Gardening Tips

If you’re to believe everything you read on the internet, your property is teeming with vicious, poisonous plants just waiting for hapless Fido to...

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