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Discover Easy-to-grow Kids Plants for Your Home or Classroom

If you were lucky to have a garden as a child, you probably also have a treasure trove of memories that have stayed with...

Gardening Gear

At the start of each gardening season we all tend to use the same familiar watering tools we’ve always relied on. I know I’ve...

Lawn & Yard Care

Landscaping 101: 7 Basic Landscaping Tips for Beginners

When it comes to deciding how to design your outdoor space, there are a few basic principles to keep in mind. At the heart of these principles is the foundational concept that...

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Facebook Live: Sun and Shade

Some herbs love the sun, but others demand shade. Emily from @PassthePistil shares where to plant which herbs for the best (and tastiest!) results during our recent Facebook Live.

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Facebook Live: Easy Herbs to Grow

Short on time? Grow thyme. Emily Murphy of @PassthePistil shares her picks for a low-maintenance herb garden during our recent Facebook Live.

Facebook Live: Basil Plant Care

So, your basil plant is flowering. Now what? Find out from Emily Murphy of @PassthePistil the best way to care for basil from our...

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