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It’s in the Details: DIY Car Detailing

Automotive Cleaning

You may think an occasional scrub and spray-down to your car is enough to keep it looking clean. But when you go the extra mile with your car-cleaning routine, you’ll take your vehicle from dingy to sparkling-like-new. With the proper tools, you can turn costly professional car detailing into a DIY job done in your own driveway.

Time to bring out your car’s shine with this step-by-step guide:

Before You Begin

Start From the Ground Up

Focus on your wheels first so you won’t risk their overspray dirtying your cleaned bodywork later.

Body Wash

This might seem like the easy part to some, but washing a car’s body can lead to simple mistakes that damage car paint and leave behind swirls or scratches.

Work in the Wax

A finishing touch, wax will keep the car in tip-top shape, as it protects the paint by absorbing stains and small scratches.

Get to the Glass

Make this a final step, as your windows will accumulate grime from the previous tasks.

Before You Drive Off

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