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Worksite Safety: Stay Safe on the Job

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Commercial landscapers, contractors and other Gilmour Professional Grade users know more than anyone how important safety is in their day-to-day work. From days spent under the sun and in risky spaces, to accidental moments of mishap in chemical and machinery use, there is plenty of potential for injuries that could lead to significant time and money lost on the job. Here are some common dangers and tips on how to prevent them:

Sun and High Temperatures: It may seem like a no-brainer, but, hey, it can get hot working outdoors all day. That can prove problematic for both your health and your tools.

Head, Ear and Eye Injuries: Your head, ears and eyes are nothing to mess with, so why risk damaging them?

Trips, Slips and Falls: Mistakes, like misplaced hoses and improper ladder-use, all factor into your staying upright and level.

Fertilizers, Pesticides and Other Chemicals: They may be invisible, but the risk of harmful chemicals entering your body through your mouth and skin is all too real.

Using the Wrong Tools: When working in physically demanding situations, skimping on using the proper gear can prove detrimental.

Machine Mistreatment: Mowers, chainsaws, weed whips and even hoses are essential tools. However, when mishandled, they can also be seriously harmful.

Whether you have a whole crew or just yourself to look out for, knowledge and proactivity are the keys to a commitment to health and safety. Create and maintain a policy that emphasizes workplace safety, even if it’s just for you. A safer day is always a Betterday.

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