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Starting Seeds

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Starting your plants from seed is much less expensive than purchasing starter plants from the garden center, which makes it an ideal option for gardeners on a budget. If you water them right they’re sure to grow just as full and bright as the store-bought plants.

Choose an area of your backyard where you’d like to start your seeds. Clear the weeds, the rocks, and loosen the soil. Before planting your seeds, saturate your soil with a Flexogen super duty hose and a thumb control watering nozzle. The Flexogen super duty hose is kink-resistant so you can reach every spot without doubling back to unkink your hose.

Let your garden bed rest for at least a day before planting your seeds. Use a trowel to make a shallow trench across the garden bed where you’ll be planting your seeds. Place the seeds in the trench and cover lightly with soil.

Water the soil each day with a gentle shower using your watering nozzle, being careful not to displace the seeds. Keep the surface evenly moist until the seeds germinate. The thumb control watering nozzle lets you adjust the intensity of the spray so you don’t displace the delicate seeds.

In their first few weeks of life, seedlings need more moisture near the surface, where their roots are. The first one to two inches of the soil should be consistently damp every day. As the roots become more established water less frequently but more deeply, so that the first four inches of the soil stay moist to encourage the roots to reach down.

This season keep your seeds growing by watering smart.

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