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Deleware Planting Zones

Deleware planting zones

Delaware is known for its year-round moderate to continental climate. The state sees hot summers, colder winters and a fair amount of precipitation all year long. Note that temperatures and weather can vary depending on location and areas along the Atlantic Coast are generally about 10 degrees warmer and cooler in the winter and summer months, respectively. 

Gilmour’s Interactive Planting Zone Map will show that Delaware planting zones are not very wide-reaching. This small state only has a planting zone of 7a to 7b. In many ways, this makes planting a bit easier, as only having one zone to worry about takes a lot of the guesswork out of deciding what and when to plant. Delaware growing zones exist to inform and guide gardeners and growers on what types of plants, vegetables and fruits will grow best in a given region. Things like first and last frost dates, average temperature and annual precipitation and moisture levels will help determine which varieties of plants will survive regional conditions. Keep in mind that it is fine to plant anything rated for your zone or lower. So, in states like Delaware that only have one growing zone, any plant rated for zone 1 to zone 7 should do well. 

Despite the small range of zones, there are quite a few plants and flowers that can thrive in Delaware. Marsh elder, fetterbush, American witchhazel and red chokeberry will all do exceptionally well in the area. Successfully grow flowers like yellow thistle, blue boneset, cardinal flower, Virginia bluebells and black-eyed Susans across the state. Count on two growing seasons each year, with vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, peas, spinach, beets and beans all doing well and producing twice each year, if planted and cared for properly.

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