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Keep Your Home Clean the Natural Way

Household Cleaning

Most homeowners are rightfully wary of using harmful cleaners in and around their yards, but how do you choose a natural cleaning method that actually gets the job done?

Learn how to make sense of your natural and homemade cleaning options with these tips for cleaning common trouble areas without chemical cleaners.

The Simple Trick for Clean Siding
Not all cleaning tasks require an expensive natural cleaning product or DIY solution. In fact, some dirty jobs don’t need cleaner at all. An easy, chemical-free fix for dull siding is to spray it with a Power Jet Wand or the powerful force of your cleaning nozzle. All you need is a strong spray of water to bring new life to your home’s exterior. For siding covered in mold or mildew, try a vinegar and water solution to blast away grime. Simply add four ounces of vinegar to the tank of a hose-end sprayer, attach your hose and deliver a controlled spray to the siding without the hassle of mixing and applying the solution by hand.

However you clean your siding, make sure you familiarize yourself with your siding type. If it’s made of brick or vinyl, a full-pressure spray could cause damage. Try a lighter wash with Gilmour’s Front Control Cleaning Nozzle, which can be adjusted to a gentle rinse.

Clean Driveway, Safe Drainway
Most driveways are designed to allow stormwater to flow into public drains, so any chemicals you use when scrubbing your car or removing concrete stains could threaten your local water supply. For a safer DIY car detail, try an organic soap sparingly and rely on water pressure to break up bug splats and grime before you scrub.

But what about stubborn oil spots? If you have a fresh spill, one solution is to cover the area with an absorbent material like saw dust or cat litter. Let it sit for a few days and then sweep it away.

Another natural fix for tough stains is sodium peroxide powder. Sprinkle powder on the stain and let it sit for five minutes. Then rinse the area gently with water from your Flexogen Super Duty Hose and spray with vinegar to neutralize any remaining sodium peroxide. (Pro tip: Fill a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water to easily spray spots.) With safe and practical cleaning alternatives, the natural option just makes sense.

Say Goodbye to Outdoor Grime
You can power through even tough outdoor grime with the right homemade cleaning products. Clean metal lawn chairs by adding a fourth of a cup of hydrogen peroxide, a squirt of natural dish soap and a scoop of sodium borate (which you can find at most supermarkets) to your hose-end sprayer. Spray the solution and let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes, and then scrub the chairs with a nylon brush and rinse with a gentle spray of your cleaning nozzle.

Mold on outdoor cushions is another common problem, but the natural fix is easier than you think. Just mix tea tree oil and water—about one teaspoon of oil for every cup of water—in a small spray bottle. Spray the back of one of your cushions to make sure it doesn’t harm the fabric, and then once you know it’s safe, you can spray fully. Don’t rinse the oil—instead, let it sit on the cushions to kill the mold. In a few days the smell of tea tree oil will be gone and your cushions will feel fresh again.

The truth is you can find a natural solution for most of your everyday cleaning needs, and sometimes you don’t even need a cleaning product to keep your outdoor spaces looking sharp. With these chemical-free alternatives, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean home without jeopardizing your health and safety.

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