EZ Click™ Control Watering Nozzles

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Heavy Duty
EZ Click Control Watering Nozzle

Model 840042
UPC 0 34411 03114 8

Water where you want it, with the press of a button. A durable, metal body with a stainless steel connection combined with simple one-click on/off control makes this your go-to watering nozzle, season after season.

  • Stainless steel coupling prevents corrosion for a durable connection that won’t fuse to your hose
  • 8 sprays to meet every watering and cleanup need (Flower/Sweep/Garden/Shrub/Clean/Soft Wash/Rinse/Jet)
  • Flow control dial customizes force of the water stream
  • EZ Click on/off control, for a continuous spray without squeezing
  • Lifetime warranty

Where to Buy

Also available in:
Stainless steel coupling.
To twist tight.

Corrosion resistant, impact resistant, and able to stand up to temperature changes, the stainless steel coupling creates a secure connection to your hose and makes disconnecting easier too.

Stainless steel pattern dial and plate.
To turn true.

With eight watering and cleanup patterns to choose from, this dial and the pattern plate it controls are going to get a workout, which is why they’re made to last with high-performance stainless steel.

EZ Click™ control.
To ease the squeeze.
ez click nozzle handle

Take command with one finger instead of your whole hand. A single click turns spray on and keeps it on until you click it off again. No continuous squeezing required with this nozzle.

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