Watering & Garden Hose Nozzles and Wands

To fit the task at hand, and your hand

You’ll know when you’ve picked up a great watering tool.
watering nozzle

You can see it in the construction and, better yet, feel it in your hand. A great garden hose nozzle has the right heft, the kind that makes you want to hold on to it day after day, season after season. And with Gilmour durability, you can.

Take your pick of patterns and water the way Mother Nature intended.




Soft Wash





Flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees all like a little something different. And for cleaning up after a job well done, your hands, containers and hard surfaces have their preferences too. Gilmour pattern nozzles let you dial in the precise spray you want, from drenching coverage to a very fine mist to a long-range pinpointed stream, quickly, easily and comfortably.

Get a grip on the right watering nozzle for you.

Classic Rear Control

rear control nozzle

This classic design should feel familiar to most every gardener. Simply squeeze the rear trigger to spray and use the hold-open clip for continuous spray.

Rear Control Nozzles

Front Control

front control nozzle

Placing the trigger in front takes some of the work off your hands because it require 4X less effort to squeeze. With a hold-open clip too, this nozzle won’t stop you from staying out in your garden.

Front Control Nozzles

EZ Click™ Control

No squeezing. Just use your index finger to click the spray on—and it stays on. Another click turns spray off. Adjusting water flow up or down is no problem. Just use the dial on the rear of the nozzle.

EZ Click™ Nozzles

Thumb Control

thumb control nozzle

A break from tradition and a break for your hand. All-in-one thumb control turns spray on and off and adjusts water flow too. No squeezing. The fullest flow and full control? With this one, it’s all in the thumb.

Thumb Control Nozzles
Soak the soil not the leaves,
without stooping or stretching.
watering wands

Watering wands are ideal for watering your hanging and hard-to-reach plants.

Watering Wands
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