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Worksite Safety: How to Stay Safe on the Job

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By hiebingadm

Staying safe on the job is a priority in any industry, but it is especially important in the world of yard care and landscape design. For any person who deals with heavy machinery, potentially dangerous weather conditions or chemicals in their daily work environment, the need to be aware and alert could be the difference between completing a day’s work and dealing with serious injury.

What is Workplace Safety?

Workplace safety is the effort industries make to keep employees, contractors and even individuals visiting a job site or place of business safe from potential hazards. It is an important aspect to any job for many reasons. Whether it is education, safety equipment or even choosing the right materials for a job, safety in the workplace cannot be taken lightly.

Environmental Dangers on the Job

Environmental dangers are common, and often unavoidable, when working outdoors. But with the right knowledge and tips, it can be easier to avoid the complications that often come along with safety issues like weather and unstable worksites.

Chemical Dangers on a Worksite

Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other dangers when working outside can be toxic and require meticulous prep, protection and care to avoid harmful lasting effects on workers.

Misuse of Tools

Misusing tools can easily and often result in harm. From using the wrong tool for the job to mistreating tools all together, taking care to ensure proper use and treatment can be a life-saver.

Poor Ergonomics

Poor ergonomics can result in several health issues including joint and bone pain, sore muscles and even bad posture. Back, shoulder and neck pain can easily result in lost work time and missed project deadlines.

Working outside an office environment can be refreshing and rewarding on many levels. Working in gardens and yards and outdoors can be the perfect job for those who don’t want to be stuck behind a desk every day. Being safe and smart when working outdoors can mean every work day is a good one.

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