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The Myth of the Bargain Hose

Lawn & Yard Care

By Marty Ross

A good garden hose is a long-term investment, used day after day all over your yard. From gardening to lawn care, it is the key piece of equipment for all your outdoor tasks. With that in mind, make sure you’re shopping for value, not bargains. A bargain hose will save you money at the checkout counter, but cheap hoses take some of the fun out of gardening: they are flimsy, hard to connect, leak at the faucet and steadfastly refuse to coil neatly.

When you spend a little more on a hose, you’re investing in better materials and technology and getting a hose that is durable and easy to handle. High quality hoses also resist kinks, which are a nuisance every gardener can do without. Keep the following tips in mind if you’re ready to invest in a more durable hose.


Hoses are one of the greatest of gardening inventions. Choose a high-quality option and you’ll enjoy Betterdays season after season.

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