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Curb Appeal: First Impressions Count

Lawn & Yard Care

By Marty Ross

Whether your home is on the market or you’ve lived in the same place for years, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. To set your home apart from the others on your street, you need curb appeal. A tidy landscape also shows homebuyers, and your neighbors, that you care about your property and community. Here are some ideas, and some tools, to help you build up that curb appeal:

Your front walk is the pathway into your home, and it should be neat and clean. You can spruce it up with Gilmour’s Thumb Control Cleaning Nozzle. The hose nozzle shoots a strong jet of water on tough stains, so you don’t have to scrub. It’s easy to adjust the spray with a quick twist. You can also control the water flow by moving the lever at the top of the nozzle with your thumb.

The nozzle is great for all kinds of cleaning jobs. While you’re at it, you can freshen up the garden furniture, wash down the deck and clean smudges off the siding.

A couple of great-looking pots near the front door make a house look attractive and inviting. When considering pot planter ideas, keep in mind that small shrubs or handsome foliage plants will look full and lush both from the street and up close. Make room for seasonal flowers around the edges: pansies in spring, petunias in summer or chrysanthemums in fall.

After you plant your pots, water them well to get plants settled in and off to a good start. Gilmour’s Gilmour’s Front Control Watering Nozzle is a versatile watering tool you’ll use often. You can spray flowers with a light mist or set it to a medium-fine spray to water shrubs. Pruning plants regularly will keep your front entrance looking great.

There are eight spray patterns, including a soft wash pattern to rinse soil off flowerpots or clean the front stairs. The nozzle, which has a control in front, is easier on your hands than rear-control hose nozzles.


Give the lawn the water it needs to look its best. Gilmour’s Adjustable Length Wind-resistant Rectangular Sprinkler lets you adjust the shape and size of the spray pattern, so you can water your lawn evenly and where it needs it most. The sprinkler’s design also helps reduce wind drift and evaporation, which means more water goes into the soil, instead of into the atmosphere.

When considering lawn care tips, remember: it’s better to water the lawn deeply once a week, rather than watering for it for a few minutes every day.


All your watering tools are even easier to use if you have Quick Connector adapters on the end of the garden hose and on each tool. Instead of screwing nozzles and sprinklers on and off, adapters let you snap the tools onto the hose quickly. Gilmour’s sturdy brass connectors are easy to attach, and they can take the wear and tear they’ll get in the garden. When all your watering tools have adapters, it’s no trouble at all to switch from a nozzle to a sprinkler, for example, after you have watered your pots and want to give the lawn its share. You get a tight fit every time, too, so you don’t waste water.

A fresh layer of natural mulch in the flower beds is the finishing touch that makes your garden look well cared for and attractive. It also preserves moisture in the soil and reduces weeds.

Whether your house is on the market or not, pretty flowers, a neat front walk and a trim lawn help maintain the value of your home—and of the whole neighborhood. A pretty landscape shows that you love living in your house. If a “For Sale” sign is one of the things you’re planting this spring, a great-looking garden is a signal that potential buyers will not miss.

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