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Alabama Planting Zones

Alabama planting zones

Are you looking for the planting zones found in Alabama? Well, you have come to the right place. Alabama has a humid subtropical climate. It has mild winters and hot summers and an average annual temperature of 64 degrees. Alabama summers are some of the hottest in the country. The southern parts of the state are typically warmer since it is near the Gulf of Mexico. And the northern region, near the Appalachian Mountains, is usually a bit cooler. Year-long precipitation is the norm for this humid state, with tropical storms and hurricanes not being all that uncommon. Tornadoes are also common, but the peak season for them depends on location and varies from the north to the south. Winters here are relatively calm and mild, as is the norm for the majority of the south east parts of the country.

Before planning a garden in Alabama, it is important to know the planting zone you are in and research plants that will easily, successfully grow in your region. Using the Gilmour Interactive Planting Zone Map is the easiest way to determine what zone you are growing in. From there, you can better plan what to plant and when to plant it. Alabama planting zones range from 7a to 9a. Whenever planting in a zone, it is important to only use plants rated for that specific zone or lower. So, if you are in Alabama planting zone 7a, any plant rated 1 through 7a will likely be fine growing there. Plants that are rated for a higher zone will probably have difficulty surviving winter. 

Typical plants that grow well in Alabama growing zones are tropical in nature. In general, most plants that are idea for this area will not tolerate frost. Flowers that tend to do well include azaleas, hyacinths, geraniums and wisteria. Vegetable gardens generally produce well due to the humid, warm summers and rich soil. Some popular crops that thrive in Alabama include beans, cabbage, greens and peppers.

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