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5 Benefits of Overseeding Your Lawn

Lawn & Yard Care

By Emily Murphy

Winter weather, foraging critters, and general wear and tear can take a toll on a lawn that, only a few months before, was wonderfully lush. If you find brown, bare patches amongst new growth or thinning of a once thick carpet of green, overseeding your lawn is a simple remedy that can help prevent future problems. In fact, if you apply an extra helping of seeds to lawn before it shows signs of thinning or damage, you’ll save time and effort down the road.

To start, all you need are the right temperatures, seed, and a simple watering solution, like a circular sprinkler. The best time to reseed an existing lawn in cooler, northern climates is spring or fall. If you’re in warmer regions of the south, plan to reseed in late spring to summer. Add this one easy step to your list of yard care chores to receive a host of benefits.

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