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How to Water Newly Planted Greens

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Planting trees, shrubs and flowers is a great way to bring new life to your yard.

New plants require extra care so it’s important to know how to water them.

To water a new tree, circle the root mass with a soaker hose.

New trees need five to ten gallons of water per week for the first two years, until the tree’s roots are established. So water about 15-30 minutes two times per week with a 25-foot hose.

Shrubs also need deep watering to encourage new roots to grow deeper.

Lay a soaker hose around the base and give them three to five gallons of water per week. Water about 10-15 minutes twice per week with a 25-foot hose.

Some newly planted shrubs need to be watered regularly for the first two to three years.

For flowers, watering the right amount is key. Too much water can lead to plant rot while too little can cause wilting.

For a small section of newly planted flowers, pick up a bubbler that gently disperses water with little erosion. Water deeply and infrequently, giving your garden about six gallons of water per square yard per week. You can accomplish this by watering about five minutes two times per week.

For certain projects, set up a watering timer to deliver just the right amount of water when you need it.

With the proper care, your new plants will soon flourish. Raising your garden while reducing your work?

Now that’s a Betterday.

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