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Tools of the Trade: Top 5 Job Site Must-Haves

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When you’re on the job, you want to get your work done well in the smartest, fastest way possible. Whether you’re working on a construction site, manufacturing job or landscaping project, as a professional you need the right equipment that’s meaningfully designed for durability and ease of use, both of which will end up saving you time and resources. Here are five key items to boost efficiency and reduce water waste at your job site:

  1. A Professional-Duty Hose

For a hose that stands up to the toughest jobs, durability is key. Your job site hose should feature:

Like what you read? Then the Flexogen Pro Hose is a good fit. The highest burst strength 8-layer hose on the market, it’s ideal for year-round use in all types of weather.

  1. A Dependable Nozzle

Your trusty hose has to connect to an equally trustworthy nozzle – one that’s both strong enough to withstand drops and damage yet comfortable enough for all-day use.

The Gilmour Crushproof Nozzle is perfect for active job sites. Although its exterior soft-grip over-mold makes for comfortable, all-day usage, its internal body features heavy-duty, all-zinc construction built to resist up to 5,000 pounds of pressure when run over. It also has a high-pressure rating of up to 125PSI.

  1. Versatile Quick Connectors

If you’re tired of wasting time and effort connecting your hose to other hoses and watering or cleaning equipment, these attachments are your new go-tos. For creating a quick-and-easy connection, their push-pull “snap” ring provides a simple, single-click way to join your watering tools.

For rugged job sites, try the Brass Quick Connectors. Their solid construction guarantees reliable, long-lasting performance, while their comfortable thermoplastic rubber grips make it easy to use them on all your watering tools.

  1. The Right Sprinkler

For those with large spaces to water (and water often), you’ll want to find the right sprinkler for your space. When choosing the perfect job site sprinkler, consider the following:

Need a suggestion? Try Gilmour’s Metal Circular Sprinkler. With heavy-duty, all-metal construction, including a metal coupling, it’s tough enough to endure worksite abuse, while also providing approachable, easy-to-adjust options for controlling your coverage of up to 8,500 square feet.

  1. An Electronic Timer

Designed to save time and prevent overwatering, an electronic timer is an often-overlooked asset.

Interested in saving time on the job site? Look to the Dual Electronic Timer. It allows you to schedule two outlets to run simultaneously, so you can run multiple hoses in different areas. And for boosted security, it also includes a rain-delay feature to skip watering when you don’t need it.

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