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The Flexogen Difference

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Whether keeping the grass and garden green or outdoors clean, your hose is the most important tool in the shed.

A tool that is trusted should be your most durable, strong enough to withstand dragging, twisting and days in the sun.

That’s why the Gilmour’s Flexogen® Super Duty hose is specifically designed to take on your toughest watering tasks.

The only 8-layer hose on the market, its patented technology makes it the strongest and lightest hose in its class.

A tri-extrusion process and foam layers keep the hose light yet durable, while maximizing kink resistance. A reinforced core provides superior burst strength that helps Flexogen last season after season.

It’s capped off with crush-resistant brass connections that minimize leaks and maintain a high-quality seal that resists damage and corrosion.

Best of all, you can rest easy knowing it’s backed by Gilmour’s lifetime warranty.

Gilmour’s Flexogen® Super Duty Hose.

A Betterday’s best choice.

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