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5 Garden Tools You’re Not Using (But Should)

Remember the saying “Work smarter, not harder”? Thing is, it still rings true—especially when it comes to gardening. There are many good reasons why...

Repair or Replace: Get Your Watering Gear Ready for Spring

With warmer weather just over the horizon, it’s time to unearth your lawn and garden tools and take stock of what you’ve got. Buying...

Automotive Cleaning

It’s in the Details: DIY Car Detailing

You may think an occasional scrub and spray-down to your car is enough to keep it looking clean. But when you go the extra mile with your car-cleaning routine, you’ll take your...

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Water-Saving Tips & Tricks

Saving water in the garden doesn’t necessarily have to involve swapping your lawn for succulents, setting up a graywater irrigation system or running around the yard and reusing your kitchen sink run-off.

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Top 3 Spray Patterns to Make Your Garden Flourish

When I moved into my most recent house I had to leave my gardening equipment behind for a few months. All there was in...

Beautify Your Garden with These Flower Watering Tips

We all grow up knowing plants need soil, sunlight and water, but we often don’t realize the importance of consistently watering flowers. A lack...

How to Use Quick Connectors

If you’re swapping between multiple watering tools to keep your outdoors thriving, why twist when you can snap? A Quick Connector provides a fast...

Watering Nozzle 101

When it comes to watering trees, flowers, vegetables and shrubs, each one needs something a little different. With eight different settings, the Gilmour watering...

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Cleaning Nozzle 101

A Gilmour cleaning nozzle is built specifically for your toughest outdoor jobs. The powerful, versatile nozzle is perfect for tackling any cleaning task.

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For Pros

Hidden Landscaping Time-Wasters

Hidden Landscaping Time-Wasters As a professional landscaper, no two projects are the same. Because you already have a variety of responsibilities that change from space to space, you’ll want to have a...

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Growing Grass in a Drought

Summer’s here—and so is that higher possibility of a drought. Have you ever noticed that even when faced with the same weather conditions and...

Vibrant Gardens Using Drought Tolerant Vegetables

Love vegetable gardening, but live in drought-like conditions? These drought-tolerant vegetables will thrive even in the hottest temperatures. Get started today! With summer looming,...

Watering Well: The Right Tools for Any Task

Want to save time, money and hassle? Set yourself up to water with ease with the right tools and equipment. Faced with the array...

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