Small Circular Lawn Sprinklers

Light Duty
Whirling Circular Sprinkler

Model 808833
UPC 0 34411 00833 6

Constant whirling motion limits water pooling, delivering a gentle, rain-like spray to small, circular areas. Limited coverage area is ideal for urban settings or areas of lawn that require targeted watering.

  • Up to 1,963 sq. ft. coverage
  • 50-ft. diameter circular spray pattern
  • Impact-resistant, rust-proof polymer construction

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Heavy Duty

Stationary Circular Sprinkler

Model 808753
UPC 0 34411 00875 1

Twin sprayers provide light coverage, perfect for small areas of garden or new grass seed. Heavy-duty die-cast zinc construction doesn’t clog, while resisting drops and dings for superior performance, season after season.

  • Up to 707 sq. ft. coverage
  • 30-ft. diameter circular spray pattern
  • Twin spray openings won’t clog, even with frequent use
  • 3-year warranty
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Light Duty

Stationary Circular Sprinkler

Model 830603
UPC 0 34411 03061 5

Deliver gentle, even watering to small areas of grass seed or trouble lawn spots.

  • Up to 900 sq. ft. coverage
  • Impact-resistant, rust-proof polymer construction
  • Works well in low water pressure areas
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