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Achieve Your Garden Goals


Winter affords a little extra down time for most gardeners, which makes it the perfect season for planning. Now’s the time to set your gardening goals so you can have the flowers, vegetables and outdoor spaces you’ve always dreamed of. But how will you avoid last year’s mistakes? Which tools do you need to make it all happen?

As you start looking ahead to spring, follow this action plan to start strong, water well and achieve your garden goals.

Garden Goal #1: Avoid Watering Frustrations
Now that you’ve discovered the myth of the bargain hose, you know that not all hoses are created equal. Taking time now to find the right hose for your needs can prevent a lot of gardening frustration when spring rolls around. First, find the perfect hose length for your garden by measuring the farthest distance from your spigot, and then add five to 10 extra feet—no more. If your hose is too long, you increase the risk of an accidental puncture as you drag it across surfaces (not to mention that you’ll be carrying around extra weight for no reason). A durable, versatile hose will be the foundation for a season of smart watering, so do your homework to find a hose that’s right for your yard. A multipurpose hose like the Flexogen Super Duty Hose comes in a variety of lengths, making it easy to customize to your unique yard.

Garden Goal #2: Try Something New
Jump into a gardening project that’s outside your comfort zone. Whether you’re a backyard beginner or a gardening guru, finding the right tools can help you get the job done. Itching to start a vegetable garden? Try these tips for better-tasting veggies and up your watering game with an Elevated Sprinkler, which allows you to water sprouting vegetables with a rain-like shower. Once your garden has matured, streamline your routine by adding a watering system to your space. Start by always giving your plants the right amount of water at the right time with a water timer. For added precision, hook it up to a Soaker Hose. Weave the hose throughout your crop rows to water only the plants that need it. You can even cover it with mulch for easy watering all season long.

Garden Goal #3: Don’t Let Plants Dry Out
We’re all guilty of leaving our plants out to dry (literally) when we leave for long weekends or special getaways, but fortunately the fix is an easy one. Make it your goal this season to install a Water Timer so your plants don’t die while you’re on vacation (or just get too busy). It’s easy to set up your timer. Turn the front dial to set the clock, start time, duration and frequency. Then rotate the dial to Run, and you’ll be ready to go—wherever you may go.

Garden Goal #4: Repair, Don’t Replace
Make this the year that you keep your watering tools in perfect shape and avoid frustrating problems. Punctured hose? With a Compression Mender, all you need to do is snip out the broken segment of your hose with a sharp scissors, and then slide each end into the mender—no tools needed. Is your hose’s coupling bent or crushed? Replace it with a new coupling, either a Female Compression Coupling for the spigot end or a Male Compression Coupling for the end that connects to your sprinkler or nozzle. Simply cut off the old coupling and attach the new one.

Leaky nozzle? It’s probably your washer that’s waning. Fortunately it’s easy to replace a worn washer with a fresh one, or insert an O-ring for a superior seal. Remove the old washer ring with pliers, and push in a new rubber washer or O-ring with your fingers. Keep these essentials around in a garden repair kit, and you’ll be ready to bounce back from mishaps all year round.

Garden Goal #5: Complete Garden Chores Faster
Consistent watering and weed-pulling are vital when it comes to growing beautiful flowers and vegetables—but that doesn’t mean it has to take up your entire Saturday. Make this the year you spend more time enjoying and less time toiling with new ways to approach the same old garden chores:

It’s never too early to start planning for spring. With a little foresight and some smart watering tools, you’ll be ready to create the garden you’ve always envisioned. Good luck!

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