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Spot-free Car Wash

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Spot-Free Car Wash

There’s nothing like the look of a new car—except perhaps the look of a car that looks like new. While it’s not every day that you can drive off in a brand-new vehicle, you can certainly take steps to keep it in tip-top shape. Routinely washing your car with the correct products and methods will help you do just that. Doing so will prevent damage to your vehicle as a result of haphazard cleaning, as well as eliminate dirt and residue before they become bigger issues.

Tires and Wheels
This could get messy, which is why it’s your starting point. Neglected tires and wheels require significant effort to revive, and if you don’t do it, they’ll quickly turn brown and dull. You can combat this by first tackling the muck with the strong spray of a Power Jet Wand before applying a wheel-cleaning solution. After application, rinse once more and finish off with a towel-dry.

If our eyes are blind to the problem, salt, grime and chemicals will eat away at a car’s undercarriage and eventually lead to damaging rust and corrosion. A simple wash with the jet setting of a cleaning nozzle will prevent this issue from building up (literally). Just be sure to back up a bit so you don’t get spray-back from the filth hiding under there.

When washing the body of your car, you’ll want to be sure it’s parked in the shade. Parking in the sun encourages sun streaks caused by rapid water evaporation. If you’re starting with a car that’s excessively dirty, rinse it thoroughly with a hose that can easily stretch and bend, like a Flexogen Super Duty, while you’re moving around the exterior. This’ll loosen up the dirt and stuck-on residue.

After the first rinse comes the scrub. Mix a concentrated cleaner into a Foamaster II Cleaning Sprayer, which features a quick-set dial for accurately mixing the correct amount of cleaner with water. Use a wet microfiber cloth to rub off the grime with the cleaner, gently following the contours of your vehicle’s surface to avoid scratches. After washing and rinsing, use a clay bar to pick up any bits that the water didn’t get. Then give a final rinse, and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Windows and Headlights
Shining up your windows marks the finale of your car-cleaning duties. This often-missed last  step allows for safer driving by clearing water-spotted glass that could obstruct your view. When cleaning, roll down the windows an inch before applying a glass cleaner (avoiding ammonia, as it’s harmful to the interior of your car). This way you’ll be able to rub in and dry the top part of the glass first. After wiping cleaner side-to-side, give a final spray with your hose and dry the glass. Don’t forget the frequently forgotten details, like side mirrors, headlights and even windshield wipers. Smooth rubbing alcohol across the windshield wipers to keep them dirt-free. Another quick trick? Rub toothpaste on headlights (as long as they’re not glass) to work as an abrasive and combat the cloudiness. These simple fixes will not only enhance the sparkle of your car, but also keep you safer on the road.

Mixed with an occasional afternoon of DIY detailing, regular car-cleaning will boost your car’s safety and value, and, of course, keep it (and you!) looking sharp.


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