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Repair or Replace: Get Your Watering Gear Ready for Spring

Lawn & Yard Care

With warmer weather just over the horizon, it’s time to unearth your lawn and garden tools and take stock of what you’ve got. Buying new may get you gear you can count on as soon as the season starts, but some supplies just need a little TLC to get back into working order. Know what you can easily repair and what you’re better off replacing so you can hit the ground running when spring arrives.

Punctured Hose: Repair

You may have accidently mowed more than your lawn, but there’s hope for your shredded garden hose. Simply cut out and remove the damaged section with a hose cutter or razor, making sure the ends of the hose are cut clean with no ragged edges. Then slip the undamaged hose ends into a hose mender and tighten with a screwdriver. Your hose will be right as rain to water again as soon as spring arrives. (Hose beyond repair? Learn the basics on how to buy a new one.)

Leaky Hose: Repair

Preventing your hose from leaking might be as straightforward as replacing a worn-down washer, the ring that seals the space between the hose and whatever you attach to it. For a quick fix, pull out the washer with a pair of pliers and push in a fresh one with your hands or slide in an O-ring for an even higher quality seal. Screw the end of the hose into a spigot and turn the water on low to make sure the connection is sealed properly.

If you bent the metal coupling at the end of your hose, cut and remove the part of the hose just before the coupling with a hose cutter, insert the end into a new coupler and finish by tightening the screws. Now you can get back to soaking your shrubs without soaking your clothes. (Want to make setting up your watering devices a snap? Change the way you water with a quick connector.)

Crushed Nozzle: Replace

You accidently back your car right over the cleaning nozzle you just used to wash it, bending the nozzle coupling that connects your nozzle to your hose. The best way to get back to work is picking up a new cleaning nozzle made with a zinc or stainless steel coupling for maximum durability. An easy-to-use, no-squeeze Thumb Control or EZ Click Control Nozzle also makes it less likely the trigger will break off if it has another run-in with the family car.

Broken Sprinkler: Replace

After taking a dive on the cement floor of your garage, your sprinkler refuses to wave its water. If that’s the case, it’s best to say goodbye. Before you head to the store, walk your yard and estimate the square footage with a measuring tape to determine how much area your new sprinkler will need to water. Choose the one with a more protective metal base to keep your grass green for plenty of seasons to come.

Whether you’re picking up a replacement part or completely new garden tool, go for something with a warranty so you’re prepared for any punishment life dishes out on your equipment. With that out of the way, you can get back to enjoying your yard and taking on your next big, beautiful outdoor project.

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