Hose End Sprayer Cleaning Attachments

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Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer (single ratio 4 oz per gallon)

Model 875084
UPC 0 34411 16075 6

Clean smarter and faster with this all-in-one mixer and sprayer. Simply add soap or chemicals to the tank, attach your hose and conveniently deliver a controlled spray, directly where you want it.

Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer

  • Uses 4 oz. of chemicals per gallon of water
  • Wide, easy-to-fill mouth prevents spills
  • Foaming attachment provides fan spray to maximize cleaning area
  • Lifetime warranty

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Foamaster II Cleaning Sprayer (Adjustable multi-ratio)

Model 895064
UPC 0 34411 19503 1

Ideal for safely mixing and spraying foaming chemicals. Features a quick-set dial for selecting a mixing ratio, so your cleaning solution will be accurate the first time.

  • Uses 4 oz. of chemicals per gallon of water
  • Lifetime warranty
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Heavy Duty

Single Ratio Wash Gun (2 oz per gallon)

Model 873024
UPC 0 34411 16073 2

Water-pressure-operated hose-end sprayer is ideal for mixing soaps and chemicals. Adjustable tip alters stream from targeted jet to wide fan to customize your spray.

  • Accurately mixes chemicals with water while spraying at a preset 2 oz. per gallon ratio
  • Adjustable fan deflector for covering large areas, removable for a solid stream up to 30 ft.
  • Lifetime warranty
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