EZ Click Adjustable Hose Nozzles

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Heavy Duty
EZ Click Cleaning Nozzle

Model 840002
UPC 0 34411 03112 4

Cleaning power in one click. With the press of a button, deliver a steady and controlled stream with an adjustable water intensity. Durable metal body is reinforced with a stainless steel connection to ensure a long life.

  • Stainless steel coupling prevents corrosion for a durable connection that won’t fuse to your hose
  • Water stream adjusts from powerful jet to light rinse
  • Flow control dial customizes force of the water stream
  • EZ Click on/off control
  • Lifetime warranty

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Also available in:
Stainless steel coupling.
To twist tight.

Corrosion resistant, impact resistant, and able to stand up to temperature changes, the stainless steel coupling creates a secure connection to your hose and makes disconnecting easier too.

Stainless steel, adjustable tip.
To turn true.

High-performance stainless steel tip is built to withstand the inevitable thwacks on the driveway, so you can take your spray from powerful jet to gentle rinse with a quick twist no matter what.

EZ Click control.
To ease the squeeze.
ez click nozzle handle

Take command with one finger instead of your whole hand. A single click turns spray on and keeps it on until you click it off again. No continuous squeezing required with this nozzle.

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