Cleaning Hose Attachments

A cleaner day is a Betterday

Tools built for the dirty jobs
thumb control cleaning nozzle

Gilmour nozzles are heavy-duty enough to stand up to dirt, grime and getting dropped on the driveway—use after use, season after season

Customize your clean

Powerful Jet
Gentle Rinse

Not all cleaning tasks are created equal. Gilmour nozzles take your spray from powerful jet to gentle rinse and everything in between.

Select the right cleaning nozzle for you.

Classic Rear Control

This classic design is tried, true and tested. Simply squeeze the rear trigger to spray and use the hold-open clip for a continuous stream.

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Front Control

Give your hand a rest with a front trigger that requires 4X less effort to squeeze and a slip-resistant grip that puts you in control.

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EZ Click™ Control

One click on. One click off. That’s all it takes to blast dirt away and finish your task fast. A dial on the rear of the nozzle customizes water intensity from powerful jet to gentle rinse.

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Thumb Control

Let your thumb do all the work. All-in-one thumb control turns spray on and off and adjusts water flow too. No squeezing. No hand fatigue. Just a Betterday.

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Fireman-Style and Straight Nozzles

Fireman style straight cleaning nozzles

Inspired by traditional fireman sprayers, these nozzles deliver powerful and precise water streams.

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Hose-End Sprayers

Clean smarter and faster with this all-in-one mixer and sprayer.

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Gilmour wands extend your cleaning power
cleaning sidewalk with a cleaning wand

Power Jet Wand

Targeted water stream for high-impact cleaning.

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