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Growing Green: Easy Lawn Care Tips

Lawn & Yard Care

By Marty Ross

A healthy lawn isn’t just a pretty, restful swath of green: Lawns serve a lot of functions. Lawns make the perfect contrasting frame for flowerbeds, and they’re a great place for kids and their grown-ups to play. Lawns limit runoff, help control erosion and cool the air.

No matter what type of turf you grow, growing it right makes all the difference. Here are some lawn care tips and ideas, and some tools to help you have a healthy green lawn this year:


You can adjust the spray from a stream to a mist by turning the tip of the nozzle, and control the amount of water by sliding the control forward and back with your thumb.


Gilmour’s Front Control Watering Nozzle has eight settings, so you can drench the area as soon as you sow the seeds. Try using the Sweep or Garden settings on the nozzle, which will moisten the seeds without washing them away. Shower or mist them daily after that, to keep the seeds moist until they germinate and then while the new grass gets established.



Gilmour’s Adjustable Length Wind-resistant Rectangular Sprinkler has adjustable width and length features so you can modify the shape of the sprinkler’s spray to make sure you’re watering the lawn, not neighbors walking along the sidewalk.


It’s wasteful when water leaks at the spot where the sprinkler and the garden hose are connected; Gilmour’s sprinkler has a comfortable swivel nut that makes it easy to tighten onto the hose.

A healthy lawn shouldn’t need pampering. Smart lawn care practices will save you time, money and energy, so instead of fussing over your lawn, you’ll have more time to enjoy it.

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