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How to Repair a Hose

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A damaged hose doesn’t mean it’s done for. With the right tools, you can fix it up and make it right as rain.

Hole, tear, or crack in your hose causing a problem?

Cut out and remove the damaged section with a scissors, hose cutter, or razor.

Make sure the ends of the hose are cut clean, with no ragged edges.

For a quick fix that doesn’t require tools, slip each of the ends into a compression mender. Simply twist the collar clockwise for a watertight connection in seconds. Slowly turn the water on to make sure the seal is secure.

Bent or crushed coupling at the end of your hose? Complete the same steps, cutting the hose. But this time, slipping it into a new compression coupling before tightening the connection.

Male couplings replace the end of your hose that connects to your watering tools, while female couplings replace the end that connects to your faucet.

You can also use clamp or crimp menders and couplings to get the job done.

Leaky hose?

A worn-down washer might be the culprit.

For a quick fix, pull out the washer with a pair of pliers. Then, push in a fresh one with your hands or slide in Gilmour’s O-ring for an even higher quality seal.

Connect the end of the hose to a faucet and slowly turn the water on to make sure the connection is securely sealed.

Be kind to the environment. Don’t buy yet another hose when you can make your broken one as good as new.

With the right tools and smart solutions, you’re back on your way to a Betterday.

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