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Hidden Landscaping Time-Wasters

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Hidden Landscaping Time-Wasters

As a professional landscaper, no two projects are the same. Because you already have a variety of responsibilities that change from space to space, you’ll want to have a base of smart tips and techniques that help you avoid wasting time (and money!) on a job.

Choose the Right Tools
You could try tugging along a flimsy hose that bends and cracks at the slightest pressure  changes or kinks with each twist. However, that would soon leave you with a damaged hose, not to mention time and money wasted buying a new one. Instead, try a Flexogen Pro Hose, which can stand up to daily use, even when repeatedly dragged across rough surfaces.

The same idea applies to your hose’s nozzle. As a professional, you and your tools need to stand up to wear and tear. Try attaching a Super Duty Watering Nozzle to your professional hose. The stainless steel coupling and metal body provide durability as you water with one of the eight spray options. When you’re ready to clean off your dirty tools at the end of the day, switch out your watering nozzle for a Crushproof Nozzle. A heavy-duty, all-zinc body resists up to 5,000 pounds of pressure, preventing damage if it is dropped or even run over by a car or truck.

Don’t Settle for Damaged Tools
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it—but if it is, be prepared to make it good as new. Rather than invest in brand-new watering gear when you have a crushed coupling or hose tear, work with what you have by keeping replacement couplings and menders on hand. Think a crushed coupling will take your hose out of commission? Just replace it by cutting it off and inserting a new male clamp coupling in its place. Leak-resistant and reusable, it’ll offer superior durability for active job sites. Hose cracked or punctured? Cut out the tear, attach a tool-less compression mender to each end, and tighten the cut hose back together for a leak-resistant connection. With these new helpers, your “damaged” hose will work like new.

Use Your Tools Efficiently
When you’re looking for the most efficient way to switch between tools, that’s where Quick Connectors come in. Rather than twist and twist, you can switch out and connect watering tools in a snap—literally. Simply attach the female connector to the end of your hose and the male connector to the end of the accessory you want to attach it to, and snap them together. When you want to use a different tool for your hose, pull the old one out and snap the new one in. You’ll have a tight, durable connection in a matter of seconds.

Create a Smarter System
You can build in a smart system of tools to take care of watering so you can place your attention on other tasks. Watering four different areas at the same time is a smart start. How? With a High-flow Quad Shut-off Valve. This will allow you to run multiple sprinklers, including a garden bed, new patch of grass and mature lawn simultaneously, boosting your productivity by cutting your watering time in fourth. You can also schedule two watering areas on two different schedules by using a Dual Outlet Electronic Water Timer. Just set up your desired times and durations, and let the timer do the rest of the work for you.

Make a Plan
At the end of the day, your productivity relies on how well you planned for your tasks. When you’re thinking about tomorrow, keep these key questions in mind: Have you created your to-do list? If yes, have you strategized the best tools to use for the day? What about how you’re going to manage your time? Have you considered moving some of your morning routines (e.g. cleaning tools, having them ready for the next day) to the night before? If you answer yes and avoid the aforementioned common mistakes, we are sure you’ll be on your way to a better, more productive day.


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