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Fall Cleaning Tips

Household Cleaning

As summer comes to a close, it’s tempting to leave some necessary home maintenance and cleanup for next spring. But by tackling a few key to-dos now, you can protect your outdoor space from damage and get a leg up on your chores before the days get shorter and colder. Try these shortcuts and make your necessary cleaning chores a breeze.

Dirty Deck?
Don’t abandon your deck and patio just yet. Clean these high-traffic areas one last time before you head inside. Come spring, you’ll be happy to find your favorite sitting spaces in good condition.

Tackle the job quickly with the Gilmour Power Jet Wand. It’s designed for targeted spraying that’s more powerful than standard cleaning nozzles. Grease stains from your grill? A hose end sprayer is a great way to do the job fast. Get rid of grease by filling a Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer with dishwashing detergent and get rid of the stain in one-step.

Don’t forget your patio furniture. It’s important to put it in a dry, indoor spot before winter hits. While most metal furniture is coated for weather resistance, your wrought iron and plastic furniture should be stored indoors to prevent rust and cracks. You’ll also want to pack up and store any cloth cushions or pillows.

Gunk in Your Gutters?
Clogged gutters can cause water damage, and the weight of the build-up can make your gutters loosen or detach. The easiest way to blast the gunk away? Clear gutters with the powerful jet setting of your cleaning nozzle. Turn the adjustable front tip all the way to the left for a powerful, concentrated spray that will clear blockages. You’ll also want to inspect your gutters for leaks. If you see a problem, you can likely take care of it without professional assistance. Simply scrape out old caulking before drying the area thoroughly. Then, apply a silicone sealant to prevent water damage to your home’s siding and foundation.

Time to Soap Your Siding?
Over time, dirt and debris – including dust, pollen, insects and bird droppings – can build up on your siding, detracting from your beautifully landscaped home. Fortunately it’s easy to restore your home to its like-new condition with a simple yet strong stream of water. Spray your home’s exterior with your cleaning nozzle and blast the surface dirt away. The key to making quick work of this chore is to adjust your nozzle’s spray settings to optimize water power and distance. Water is enough to get most exteriors clean, but you may need a cleaner to tackle mold or mildew if your home has shady, moisture-prone areas that don’t get much sunlight. Try pouring a house cleaner designed to kill mildew into your hose-end sprayer. Gilmour’s Foamaster Cleaning Sprayer easily mixes water with a solution to deliver a controlled spray in one step.

Dusty Driveway?
With dirt, leaves and grass clippings blowing around throughout the fall, your driveway may be looking a little drab. Be sure to sweep debris before washing away the dirt. You’ll also want to remove dead grass and leaves from your driveway’s cracks. If you find stubborn weeds poking through those cracks, pour boiling water on them for a natural and cost-efficient remedy. Then look to a robust watering tool, like Gilmour’s Power Jet Wand, to blast away dirt and grime.

Oil stains? A quick trick is to spray them with oven cleaner. Let the cleaner sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then scrub the spot with a stiff-bristled brush and rinse it with a steady stream of water from your cleaning nozzle.

With your patio furniture packed away and your siding looking sharp, you can take a minute to celebrate another great season. The remnants of summer and fall are washed away, and now you can settle in for a relaxed, worry-free winter.

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