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How to Care for Troubled Lawn Spots

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Make those troubled lawn spots no trouble at all by learning how to water them back to health. For bare patches, fertilize and re-seed.

Use a spot sprinkler to gently deliver a rain-like spray to newly planted grass seed.

Water new seed for around ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the afternoon, until seedlings develop.

Once your seeds sprout, water only once a day in the morning. When your grass is fully mature, transition to a normal watering schedule of two sessions a week, for a total of an inch of water per week, including rainfall.

If you’re able to leave footprints in the grass, that’s a sign your lawn is in need of a good soak.

Make sure you’re on the right watering schedule, so your lawn is getting water at the proper time.

You should water between six and ten a.m. when the weather is nice and cool.

This allows your lawn to absorb the maximum amount of water.

Dog urine killing your grass? Immediately dilute the spot once the dog is done with a three second spray from your watering nozzle.

If your grass isn’t getting enough sunlight, remove a few of the lower interior tree limbs, cutting them right back to the branch bark collar. Since grass growing in shady areas doesn’t absorb water quickly, consider cutting the duration of your watering sessions by a few minutes.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is easy when you know how to water it right.

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