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Build Your Garden Command Center


By Jane Milliman

You’ll zip through your outdoor chores this spring when you can find your watering and gardening tools quickly and easily. Take advantage of downtime before warmer weather arrives and get your gear organized.

Create Your Gardening Station

The backbone of any shop or garage storage system is usually a simple pegboard. This solution keeps your gardening tools off the garage floor and easily scannable, so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Pick up a pegboard at any home improvement or hardware store. If you’re just getting ready to install it, give some thought to what kind to put up. The holes the hangers go in are always one-inch apart, but there are three different options for the size of the holes (1/8, 3/16, and ¼-inch), which can be very frustrating if you have a bunch of quarter-inch tool hangers and only eighth-inch holes. Pro tip: you can always widen the smaller holes with a quarter-inch drill bit if you need to.

You can find modular holders for almost any tool you have in your garage. Hose hangers should be mounted separately, on studs, as they can get pretty heavy—but for hand tools like trowels and pruners, I’m a big fan of magnetic strips. These are generally sold as “knife racks” and can be purchased in kitchen-supply stores, but I use them for everything from screwdrivers to shovels.


Smart Seed Storage

Got an old dorm fridge hanging around? They’re not just good for holding the cold beverage you might crave after mowing the lawn. A small refrigerator is perfect for storing seeds and pre-cooling bulbs.

Grass seed is best sowed in spring or fall, and if you’re only using it for patching, chances are you have more than you need at any one time. You’ll want to keep it fresh by using an airtight container, and a plastic tub won’t do it—rodents will chew right through that. Pack the seed tightly in a sealable storage bag and put it in a galvanized ash bucket, the kind whose handle locks into place to hold the lid securely.
Stock Your Gardening Station

You don’t need a million tools for gardening success. My gardening command center includes some tried and tested favorites that get the job done quickly and stand up to constant use:

The Basics:

Watering Tools:


Great Accessories:

With your gardening tools ready for spring, you’ll be ready to make the most of every warm day and start growing quickly.


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